Mother's Day '23 with OnceWas

This Mother’s Day we wanted to celebrate and introduce you to our OnceWas team, a collective of strong & inspiring women who work so passionately behind the scenes to bring our brand to you.

Mothers who have lost children, those who have lost mothers, those with strained mother or children relationships, those who have chosen not to be mothers or those yearning to be mothers, we are thinking of you all today.

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at OW x


Director & Head Designer

Do you have a special message to share this Mother's Day?

Mother's Day can be a bittersweet reminder of what we've lost, but it's also a beautiful opportunity to cherish the memories and love we hold dear. As I navigate my first Mother's Day without my Mum, I'm reminded that even in absence, her spirit and legacy continue to guide and inspire me.



Belinda (and her fur baby Chilli) is wearing the Hutton Silk/Cotton Blouse in Celadon Floral.

Head of Wholesale

What are your hopes and dreams for your daughters?
I want them to grow up as young independent women and to live their lives to the fullest. I want them to chase their dreams and never give up. I want to teach them that nothing comes easy in life and that you need to work hard, I want them to always be loving, caring and kind to everyone around but overall my biggest hope and dream is that they will each be each other's best friends in this crazy world and get to experience everything together knowing they always have each other by their side. I never had a sister and it's all I ever wanted so to be able to watch them grow up together will be very special for me.


What do you love about OnceWas designs?
I love the versatility of each piece, everything fits and feels amazing. I love being able to wear it multiple ways and the fact that each piece is timeless. I'm always guaranteed to get complimented on any OnceWas piece I wear, even if it’s from a few seasons ago.


Linda is wearing the upcoming Getty Supima Cotton Cashmere Knit in Peach Sorbet.

Design & Production Co-Ordinator

How did you get introduced to OnceWas?
I found the brand through my mum, Stacey, being a customer of the Hampton store quite a few years ago. I remember her bringing home the most gorgeous leather & faux fur pieces and always associated the brand with luxe/high-end fashion. When I saw OnceWas was looking for staff HAD to apply. We constantly borrow each other's OnceWas garments for different occasions, it's a bonus we are the same size. Mum also introduced my sister to the brand, she's constantly asking me what new releases are coming in, it's only a matter of time before she's got a wardrobe full of OnceWas!
What similarities do you and you mum share?
My mum and I share quite a few similarities, but I would love to say she is one of a kind. We are both bubbly and loud, and we are happy easy-going people while being very dedicated and loyal.

Our love for fashion is a dangerous similarity and is a topic we are always sharing and sending each other photos of what's next on the list to purchase, we also both love finding smaller independent brands that not many people know about, that allow us to find more exclusive pieces like OnceWas.
Left to right: Elly is wearing the Novella Faux Fur Jacket in Navy, Stacey is wearing the upcoming Loren Leather Dress Shirt in Black, Demi is wearing the upcoming Tallitha Faux Fur Bomber in Rosewater. 

Social Media & Content Manager

What is something that surprised you about motherhood?
That I can continue to work and advance in my career without letting pregnancy and having young children stop or slow me down! I feel proud and grateful for my career. Being a working mum has taught me how to be more patient and present when I have my days with Romeo, so I am grateful for that.

What do you love about OnceWas designs?
I love that I have been able to wear most of my designs throughout both pregnancies! The * dress I am wearing was photographed when I was 37 weeks pregnant. I particularly adore the fabric of this dress, it feels beautiful on my skin and the movement looks beautiful when I am walking.

Rozanna is wearing the upcoming  Pantea Viscose Linen Contrast Binding Maxi Dress in Rosewater Border Print.


Pattern Maker & Garment Technician 

What have your children taught you?
They have taught me patience... You can't rush a child to do or be anything, good things take time. They have also taught me to be more compassionate, understanding and empathetic towards others. Most importantly, they have taught me to love unconditionally and to cherish every moment with them, as they grow up so fast!!
What do you love about our brand?
The quality and attention to detail in the designs are evident, and the fabrics are luxurious and comfortable to wear. Most importantly it makes me and my gorgeous daughters feel special when we wear the designs. I also appreciate the ethical and sustainable focus of the brand, which is important to me as both staff and consumer.
Left to right: Jaymie is wearing the Tallitha Merino Wool Knit in Autumn Acler, Donna is wearing the  Pantea Linen Viscose Contrast Binding Shirt in Rosewater Print, Michaela is wearing the upcoming Pantea Viscose Clip Spot Shirt in Salt White.

E-commerce Co-Ordinator

What is your favourite thing about your mum?
My favourite thing about my mum is how compassionate and caring she is, she will always go above and beyond for me and my siblings, and anyone for that matter. The older you get the more you realise just how much your mum does for you and how she is always there for you no matter what and I love and appreciate her so much!
What is your go-to designs from OnceWas?
I bought my mum her first OnceWas piece recently for her birthday and she loved it. Her favourite colour is red and so I knew she would love the Tallitha Merino wool knit in Autumn Acler. I love all of our knits and how cosy and soft they are. There are a few coming in our new Winter Collection in the most beautiful colours!!!
Left to right: Adorable Sunny (Elisa's fur baby) is wearing the exclusive Mother's Day Scarf, Elisa is wearing the upcoming  Serena Silk Cotton Blouse.

As a special Mother’s Day treat, all purchases over $300 (until 14th May 2023 midnight) will receive an exclusive gift! Furthering our efforts towards sustainability, our limited edition eye masks have been made with remnants from our new Winter '23 collection Silk Road. By utilizing these offcuts, we are reducing our waste and minimizing our environmental impact. Each piece is handcrafted with care, showcasing the beauty of these precious fabric remnants.

Spend over $300 - receive an Eye Mask

Spend over $400 - receive a Scarf

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