Our Story

OnceWas is a Melbourne based womenswear brand designed by Belinda Glynn, whose vision is to design for the everyday woman seeking effortless and stylish pieces with transitional wearability and versatility.

OnceWas produces its garments with integrity, quality and innovation. Creating wearable elegance is at the forefront of our collections, ensuring our wares push the boundaries of the modern aesthetic whilst maintaining classic shapes for the everyday woman.

Underpinned by a signature aesthetic, OnceWas collections feature exclusive prints and luxurious leathers and fabrics that have an emphasis on natural fibres. Upholding the quality and wearability our loyal customers have come to expect.

OnceWas has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most coveted boutique labels by influences around the world. Our exclusive designs can be found in selected Australian and International stores.

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Belinda Glynn

“Creating clothing that makes women feel confident, comfortable and good about themselves, is what inspires me to design. My inspiration is quite often sparked by textures and fabrics. I’m very conscious of how garments will feel on the body and this plays an important part in my design process.

Although I like to stay abreast of international fashion trends, I believe in designing investment pieces that the wearer can wear season after season in a variety of ways, mixing and blending back with wardrobe updates. With the multitude of fast, disposable fashion brands on the market, we’ve become a society of excessive consumerism and I hope in my small way to be able to lighten the footprint that the fashion industry is leaving on the world by designing pieces that stand the test of time.” – Designer, Belinda Glynn

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OnceWas is committed to designing quality, timeless pieces made from sustainable fabrications. Cupro and Viscose are two of our main fabrics that we use across the majority of our designs. They are lightweight, breathable fabrics that drape beautifully against the body and are a more durable alternative to silk.

Designing clothing that makes women feel confident and comfortable is what underpins our designs. Creating investment pieces that can be cherished parts of our customers wardrobes and worn season after season embodies our commitment to sustainability.