Embrace the Blooms; Curated by Amelia Webb

Spring is in the air, and it's time for a wardrobe refresh that will leave you feeling radiant and ready to bloom. At OnceWas, we are thrilled to introduce our exquisite Spring '23 Collection that encapsulates the essence of the season. Our designs are not only fashion-forward but also cater to women of all shapes and sizes, including our petite customers.

Melbourne influencer, makeup artist, and devoted mom of two Amelia Webb recently visited our styling studio to explore our latest collection. Her experience reaffirmed the lasting allure of OnceWas designs.
"I have been wearing OnceWas for many years and still wear those designs all the time! Their Spring Collection Mystic Mayan, like all their designs, exudes a classic charm that never goes out of style. These pieces are not just fashion; they're artistry that I know I'll adore in my wardrobe for years to come."
Amelia's appreciation for the longevity of OnceWas designs resonates deeply with our brand philosophy. We believe that fashion should be an investment in quality and style, not just a fleeting trend. Our Spring Collection is a testament to this commitment, offering pieces that you can wear season after season, creating a lasting impact.
We understand that true elegance transcends size, and we're proud to offer clothing that caters to women in a wide range of sizes. Whether you're petite like Amelia (who is 152cm and wears size 0-1), or taller, our designs are crafted to fit and flatter without the need for alterations. Furthermore, we have recently introduced size 6 (Aus 18-20) to our collection!
One interesting aspect of Amelia's visit to our styling studio is her preference for classic, solid colours over prints, with OnceWas being the exception to her rule.
"I tend to steer clear of prints in my wardrobe," Amelia confessed. "But OnceWas is the exception. Their prints are so elegantly designed that they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. It’s fun to match the prints but also provides me versatility to mix it with other items in my wardrobe. I love that I can wear my pieces to get a coffee in the morning or style it differently to wear out for dinner! It's a testament to their timeless approach to fashion."
"I am a huge fan of the Del Sol Azure print. It works perfectly with my current wardrobe, especially denim or neutral colours. I am also obsessed with the Panama Pant! Again these are perfect in my current wardrobe and I think it's really useful that I can wear them during the day with sneakers or at night with heels"
Amelia is wearing the Tulum Shirt & Panama Pant.
Amelia is wearing the Tulum Shirt & Transit Pant.
This sentiment echoes the sentiment of many OnceWas customers who appreciate the artistry and thoughtfulness that go into each print we create. Our prints are carefully curated to enhance the timelessness of our designs, making them a perfect choice for those who typically shy away from patterns.
Our Spring Collection features graceful silhouettes, exquisite fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail. From versatile dresses that effortlessly transition from day to night to elegant blouses that are perfect for any occasion, our designs are a celebration of sophistication and timelessness, whether in our prints or plain.
In a world where fashion trends come and go, there's something truly magical about clothing that stands the test of time. We take pride in crafting designs that are not beholden to fleeting fads but instead celebrate timeless elegance. Our Spring Collection is no exception, and it's the epitome of enduring style that will last year after year.
Shop Amelia's favourite designs from our eboutqiue, styling studio or stockists nationwide. OW x